Volume 4 - January 2004

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Marketing News - "What is a marketing budget?"

What's News at BHA 

Mesec, Entron and Enviro...Ulvac announced new products for the semiconductor industry with new family of ads

GV Instruments - The tradition continues as GV launches their ad program to the U.S. Market

Marketing News -

What Is A Marketing Budget
Fall is gone. Winter is here. Is your marketing budget ready? Developing and allocating a marketing budget does not have to be overwhelming. With some thought, research and analysis you can develop a marketing budget.


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What's News at BHA -

Mesec, Entron and Enviro...Ulvac announces new products for the semiconductor industry with new family of ads

For the last few years Ulvac has been developing new products for the semiconductor industry. Recently, Ulvac was able to take advantage of a special advertising offer from an industry publication and asked BHA to develop a series of distinctive ads to promote these products.

BHA designed three, one page, four color advertisements that are distinctive in design from other ads in the magazine and have a common look among themselves. All the ads utilize a benefit related headline and large graphic that relates to the headline. A one sentence subhead defines the product and its benefits.

Even though these ads just started appearing this past summer Ulvac has experienced increased business activity including sales in their semiconductor systems business. 


Launch of GV Instruments in the U.S. market

The tradition continues . . . This is the one meaningful statement that BHA felt represented GV. The history of the Inorganic Isotope and Elemental Analysis Instruments Group started 20 years ago as part of VG Instruments. As part of VG, the group grew and increased its product and technology range. In the last 10 years the Isotope and Elemental Analysis group became part of Fisons, Thermo and Waters Associates/Micromass. In March 2003, Waters sold the Inorganic Isotope Group to the original VG management. Dr. Tony Williams is the managing director, both in Europe and the U.S., and has added former VG personnel in the US.

The November 2003 issue of American Lab has a three page article on the new-old GV Instruments. This is the first step in the marketing strategy of informing the research and general analytical market about GV.

The launch program includes:

  • A series of market specific four color ads (Generate awareness, in the specific application areas)
  • Design of tradeshow graphics
  • Direct mail program on ICP-MS
  • PR on products and success stories
  • Develop a overall marketing strategy on entering new markets, and determine the message necessary to reach these markets
The results of this effort will be very noticeable in the coming months to GV customers and we expect the tradition to truly continue for GV. 

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