Barbeau-Hutchings Advertising Helps Pfeiffer Vacuum Increase Booth Traffic

Objectives: Pfeiffer Vacuum wanted to increase qualified booth traffic at the Assembly Technology Expo.

Solution: Barbeau-Hutchings Advertising produced an e-newsletter that featured links to the Pfeiffer Vacuum website, an incentive for visiting the booth and a link to an Assembly magazine article on leak testing. BHA utilized the Assembly magazine e-newsletter mailing list that included people that were involved in leak testing.

Results: Pfeiffer Vacuum doubled their leads over the previous ATE.

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Red Hot Leak Detection—SmartTest™
SmartTest’Ñ¢ is a portable, rugged and easy to use Helium Leak Detector that comes with a user selected backing pump to match any application with vacuum and sniffer standard operating modes. It provides the smallest detectable leak rate for helium: 5 x 10-12 mbar l/s with the highest inlet pressure of 25 mbar.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.

24 Trafalgar Square
Nashua, NH 03063-6550

Complete Dry Vacuum Pump Station for $5495—

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers E-Station, a complete dry vacuum pump station for only $5495. The plug and play vacuum station includes a turbo and dry diaphragm pump available in 63 CF or 63 ISO flange.


Trade-In and Save-Up to $10,000
Red Hot Leak Detection
Turbopump Turns 50
Eliminate Leaky Vacuum Pumps
$5495—Vacuum Pump Station

Leak-Test Solutions

Trade-In and Save-Up To $10,000 on a New Leak Detector
Red Hot Smart TestTrade in your old Varian, Alcatel or other portable leak detector and save up to $10,000 off the SmartTest’Ñ¢ Helium Leak Detector’Äìit’Äôs the SmartTest’Ñ¢ thing to do. Offer expires December 31, 2008. For more information, e-mail us at

Fixturing for Leak Testing
Leak TestingToday’Äôs manufacturers have a variety of different technologies to choose from when leak testing their products. However, for all their differences, every leak test system has one thing in common: The products being tested need to be effectively sealed and fixtured. Failure to do so can lead to all kinds of problems down the road, especially in an automated production system. VIEW STORY

Turbopump Turns 50!
50 yearsIt was 50 years ago that Pfeiffer Vacuum developed the turbopump. At that time, no one would have ever thought that this invention would one day go on to become the generic name for an entire field of vacuum technology. Back then, our objective was to generate hydrocarbon-free vacuum. Today, our turbopumps are the very embodiment of high technology and offer the utmost in dependability and optimum performance data. Every helium leak detector utilizes a turbopump to create vacuum.

Product Highlights

Compact, Rugged Vacuum Measurement—
ActiveLine™ Vacuum Gauges


Pfeiffer Vacuum offers an extensive line of ActiveLine’Ñ¢ analog vacuum gauges with the ability to measure a wide range of pressures from atmosphere to 10-9 Torr with a single transducer. Pfeiffer Vacuum’Äôs ActiveLine’Ñ¢ CMR/CCR capacitive transmitters, with the new ceramic technology sensor, offer compact and rugged vacuum measurement to cover all applications from 10-5 to 1100 mbar.

Eliminate Leaky Vacuum Pumps—Magnetic Rotary Vane Pumps


Eliminate leaky pumps forever with the single-stage UNO 30M, the world’Äôs only magnetic rotary vane pump. Part of the proven M series, UNO 30M features a magnetic coupling which results in virtually no maintenance or service. The UNO 30M rotary vane pump is designed to eliminate oil leaks and messy oil pans and delivers a pumping speed of 35 m3/hr at 60 Hz.

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