June 2003

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Marketing Menu – articles of interest in this month’s issue
  • Marketing News – "The Advantages of Advertising During The Recovery"
  • What’s News at BHA
    • Direct Mail to key analytical instrument prospects
    • An In-depth company tour on interactive CD
    • Market Study to develop a strategic marketing campaign


Marketing News —

The Advantages of Advertising During the Recovery
While all advertisers are cautiously keeping both eyes on the economic indicators, there is a unique opportunity that has evolved in the marketplace. Smart, aggressive marketers can capitalize on four windows of opportunity that are unique to advertising during a period of economic recovery.

• Dominate the market with a reasonable investment
• Build the perception that you are bigger than they think
• Advertise products that have a unique selling advantage
• Take on the brand leader

Reports of an economic recovery lag behind the actual upswing. Don’t let your competitor capture the advantage before the window of advertising opportunity closes in your marketplace.

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What's News at BHA —

Key Prospect Direct Mail Program for Pittcon

During the recent Pittcon show in Orlando, Florida, Pfeiffer Vacuum wanted to meet with key decision makers at analytical instrumentation manufacturers that utilize vacuum in their analysis. Communicating the advantages of their miniature and Split-flow turbo pumps as well as strengthening personal relationships with these people was paramount.

BHA produced an invitation that was packaged in a red mailing tube with a Leatherman tool case. In order to receive the Leatherman tool, the prospect had to come to the booth with the invitation and visit the Pfeiffer Vacuum demo room.

Nearly everyone who received the invitation visited the booth and some that couldn't attend sent another representative from their company.


Sinco Releases Interactive Safety Netting CD

Sinco wanted to communicate to customers their industry netting product lines with detailed schematics, in-depth information and animated demonstrations.


Barbeau-Hutchings produced an interactive CD about the Sinco Networks™ netting product line. The CD is to easy to navigate, directing the viewer through Sinco’s engineering capabilities, product offering and services menus.


Chip Merritt, Vice President of Marketing and Sales feels "this brings Sinco right into the customer’s office."


Market Research Study on Inspection Tools

To more effectively serve the industrial packaging market there was a need to determine the present and future use of checkweighers and other inspection tools. This will enable the company to better position itself and products in the marketplace.

BHA conducted a market study of checkweighers and other inspection tools regarding current and future requirements as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the leading suppliers. The study included a market survey sent to users in the U.S., United Kingdom, Italy, and France.

A comprehensive, strategic marketing program for checkweighers and other inspection tools was developed. It provides the direction for increasing market share, improving company image, defining the specifications for new products, and pointing the company to those market areas where there is strong growth potential.

Click here to see a summary of this survey.


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