June 2006

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Marketing News – BHA - 25 Years
What’s News at BHA
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum E-Station - Only $4500... Put it on my credit card
  • Tiger Optics - Lights the way for Oxygen analysis
  • Chomerics Premier™ Brochure - Nothing shocking about Premier
Marketing News —

1981 - 2006 Barbeau-Hutchings Advertising
25 year anniversary

Barbeau-Hutchings Advertising Inc. was started in 1981 by Deborah Barbeau and Alan Hutchings on the premise that there was a strong need for an advertising agency to be marketing and technically oriented; an advertising agency that understood the client’s markets and the client. By virtue of the fact that we started with a number of clients who were focused on analytical and semiconductor industries, there was a synergy between the two disciplines.
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What's News at BHA —
Pfeiffer Vacuum $4500 E-Station

PV wanted to break into new accounts by promoting their low cost E-Station, complete dry turbomolecular vacuum system. The target markets included diverse audiences from R&D to industry that utilizes vacuums.

BHA produced a press release, electronic postcard, half-page ad, electronic banner and handout to promote the $4500 pump station. BHA placed print and electronic insertions into a range of vacuum, research and industrial publications. Pfeiffer Vacuum saw an immediate jump in sales and has seen orders climb by 400% for this product.

Tiger Optics - Lights the way for Oxygen analysis

Tiger Optics introduced the LaserTrace O2, the first laser-based analyzer that detects parts per trillion levels of impurities in ultra-high purity gases. The semiconductor, medical and gas manufacturing industries are demanding higher purity gases for their advanced applications.

BHA designed an ad and electronic banner ad with the headline Tiger Optics - Lights the way for Oxygen Analysis. Beams of light were used with the product as design elements in the half page ad.


Chomerics Premier™ Brochure - Nothing shocking about Premier

Chomerics has developed Premier, a thermally conductive plastic for Electro Magnetic Interference shielding. Design engineers that are concerned about EMI need know how Premier can replace metal and die cast parts, protect their products and save them money

BHA designed a brochure with a cover that used an image of electrical interference with application photos. Inside BHA created charts, tables and utilized photographs to better illustrate the performance and cost advantages of Premier.

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