Volume 3 - October 2003

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Marketing Menu – articles of interest in this month’s issue

Marketing News – "Whats in a Name?" — The Proper use of trademarks

What’s News at BHA

  • Everything you want to know about liquid and gas filtration and control on Mykrolis interactive CD
  • Sinco makes shopping at warehouse stores safer
  • Image is everything for LEO at the Semicon West tradeshow

Marketing News

Proper Use of Trademarks
Pepsi®, Porsche®, and Lexus®. When you see these names you have immediate brand recognition. But what sets these words apart from escalator, linoleum, kerosene and dry ice is the trademark that these other words do not have.

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What's News at BHA —

Everything you want to know about liquid and gas filtration and control on Mykrolis interactive CD

Mykrolis wanted to combine their new 400+ page product catalog and web site onto ONE easy-to-use interactive CD. BHA created a design and structure for both the catalog and the web site that a user could, from the cover page, have full access to both sections. This capability greatly enhances the users access to information.

The first version was produced in July of this year, just in time for the Semicon West semiconductor industry tradeshow, and we have recently produced the second edition.

Why produce literature on CD-ROM? We asked Craig Lazinski, International Marketing Communications Manager for Mykrolis that question. "Although Mykrolis publishes a paper catalog of 400+ pages, we feel it to be an advantage to offer customers a CD-ROM version as an alternative."

"This CD is much less costly to produce than a paper catalog, far less to store and ship, and offers customers the ability to search hundreds of pages in a few seconds. The CD may also be updated much more often than the large catalog, which has a shelf life of a year or longer. By continually improving and refining the content and interface on the CD, we can offer customers an effective, user-friendly and more cost-efficient source of product and technology information."

Let BHA review your literature requirement, and see if electronic media is right for your application.

Sinco makes shopping at warehouse stores safer

SINCO Inc. of Middletown, CT has been manufacturing safety nets for the construction and industrial markets for over 100 years. Traditionally, safety nets were installed in warehouses on conveyors or racks for protection of employees. In the last five years the industrial business has been expanded to include large retail stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Costco, where products are stocked on shelves 10 feet or higher.

There have been a number of serious injuries throughout the United States due to products falling from these high storage areas. This has driven up the cost of liability insurance throughout the industry. Sinco, utilizing their netting experience developed a product for warehouse stores that protected consumers and store employees. They tested it at a few stores with success before going ahead with a full product launch.

Barbeau-Hutchings Advertising was asked to develop an ad program to reach this new market. The BHA ad program was a departure from traditional industrial advertising by utilizing a more emotional approach. It focused on the dangers and liabilities to which the shopping consumer is exposed while in the store.

The text and the visual graphics of this ad campaign put the warehouse store manager in "the consumer’s shoes" evoking an emotional response to in-store shopping dangers. This ad campaign is successfully motivating warehouse stores to take a more proactive approach to their customer’s safety.

LEO is making it happen at Semicon West tradeshow

At this years’ Semicon West show, LEO Electron Microscopy exhibited with their parent company, Zeiss while at the same time they were opening a new Applications Laboratory in the San Francisco area. The overriding objective was to create excitement in the booth and demonstrate the companies’ commitment to the semiconductor industry.

BHA produced a variety of promotional tools around the theme "Come experience the ultimate in imaging".

Semicon West
• Publicity – BHA wrote and edited press releases that covered new products and business activities. This information was assembled with literature into a press kit and utilized in the show pressroom and at the booth. Editor meetings were scheduled with LEO senior management during the show to discuss the companies’ direction and products.
• Advertising – Ads were placed in the Semicon West show directory and a key industry monthly publication to promote LEO products that were being exhibited.
• A pre-show mailer was sent to users of electron microscopes two weeks before the show. The mailer focused on products for the semiconductor industry and the new Applications Lab.
• Graphics were produced to invite people to demonstrations at the new Applications Lab.

Applications Laboratory
• An invitation was produced to invite key customers to an open house for the new Applications Lab during the Semicon West show.
• BHA produced graphics to hang on the walls at the facility.

LEO successfully opened their new Applications Lab and customers were able to find them at their new booth location. It was commented that they had continuous product demonstrations going throughout the show.

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